Auckland Family Photography Session

Did you know that some photographers get nervous about photo sessions with just one baby and parents? I get it in some ways – with multiple rampaging children it is easier for families to relax (who has time to be self-conscious when you’re managing a hoard) and easier to get a range of different photos. However… I can remember.

I can remember (just – in a vague way. Sleep deprivation does that to you), that time of life when your whole world lights up at a fleeting, beaming smile.

The fascination of watching tiny fingers, clumsily grasping at everything in reach.

That unspeakable joy that wells up and erupts in a burst of tummy scrunching and kisses.

The quiet peace, when the only sound is a tiny mouth sucking… when you could drown in that giant eye blinking contentedly up at you.

The intense overwhelming despair when the crying won’t stop.

The haze of re-establishing a relationship thrown into confusion, but…

The immense, incredible new love that blooms while watching your partner’s tenderness toward the tiny new life.

Such a hard road of learning a new normal. Every day full of new obstacles and challenges.

Every day filled with blessings beyond everything you dreamed.

So… I remember, and I know, that photographing a new family of three is a great privilege. And even when events are not big and dramatic, there is such meaning and emotion in every little interaction.

Happy Mum looking through a mirror at her baby and husband