Gregory and the Ebbetts

  Why, hello there. My name is Gregory, and these are my two friends. They can’t remember their names but we’ve been friends a long, long time. In bear years. We’re getting a little stiff, a little tatty, but we’ve seen some things in our time! That’s worth something, I suppose.

We sit here, we watch the sun set over the water. We natter together, my friends and I. We remember the good old days, when Soren was a little girl, her dark little head, her little laugh. She used to play with us, when we were young together. Back then, you know, there weren’t computers and, what do they call them… smart phones. Children just had to make their own fun, and we had a lot of it, oh didn’t we, my friends!

But Soren doesn’t have so much time for us now. She is very busy with her own two little boys. We are enjoying seeing them grow, little busy blondies. So similar to Soren, and yet so different, as in most families, I suppose.

Soren is busy working, too. Her Plumbing Company is still going, because even when there is an epidemic, toilets still overflow. We can feel the pressure sometimes, of her needing to work while the rest of the world is staying home, while the boys are home all the time with Marcus. He paints when he can (we just love seeing his beautiful paintings, he is so talented), but it is hard for him to get many moments in that zone at the moment – he has those two little boys to chase, and chasing him!

Mum holding baby and toddler standing next to her standing in front of their door and three bears in the next window