Pinky, Jackie and the boys

Hi!  My name is Pinky!!

I was given to Jackie’s sister when she was tiny, but Jackie saw that I was special, so she claimed me.  The feeling is mutual, don’t worry! 

It’s so cool being a bear.  You get to be part of the family.  It’s been really cool watching Jackie grow up from the little sprout that she was, into the wise and kind and patient Mum she is now.  She married JD and keeping up with his endless energy has made things pretty full on for us both since then!  Cos when you’re a bear you feel what your owner feels.  Did you know that?!

So yeah, Jackie and JD got married, and had two little boys, Asher and Hudson, and renovated a house, and started a business together.  …Did I mention endless energy?  JD is pretty cool.  He never got over being a kid, I don’t think.  I love that about him!  And he’s such a cool Dad, too.

But yeah, then this lockdown happened.  Have you ever heard the saying, it never rains but it pours?!  That’s totally what happened in our house!  Because Jackie and JD had a renovation to finish, JUST before the lockdown.  But not only that!  She was having another baby!  Jackie is such a perfect boy Mum, and the universe knows things like that!  So when you were probably at Mitre 10 stocking up on 4 weeks worth of home maintenance stuff, Jackie and JD were in Wellington, welcoming (if I say so myself) the cutest little lockdown baby ever!

Photograph of a Mum holding a baby outside her family home in Raumati