Two small bears sit in the window, arm in arm.  A car drives by.

Rosie:  Look, there goes a car. That was a white one.


Rosie:  Oo, it’s a kereru in that tree up there!  Pretty.


Rosie:  Look at that Dad out biking with his little girl.  Cute!  Looks fun.

Plum:  I wonder how Scarlett is going?  I miss Scarlett.


Rosie:  Yes… I miss her too.  Little darling.

Plum:  She must be getting so big, I bet she’s starting to talk now… you know how babies start to talk, those little googly sounds.. oh I wonder if she is rolling by now?  Oh, I wanted to see her first roll over!  She probably hasn’t yet though…

Rosie:  No, probably not yet. 

Plum:  What a year. 

Rosie:  What a year!  And it’s only April!  Remember the wedding? 

Plum:  [laughs]  Ooh, yes, what a great day!  Teesh looked so beautiful!  Her big tummy!  And Ashley was soooo adoring…

Rosie:  He’s a sweetheart. 

Plum:  Yeah!  [giggles]  They thought they were going to have a restful honeymoon time before baby came!  Whoops!

Rosie:   Whoops.  Scarlett had other ideas!  What was it again, three weeks early?  That’s not really early officially though, is it.  I think anytime after 37 weeks is pretty much on-time.

Plum:  Well, since when did Teesh and Ash ever do anything the easy way?  All those renos… remember what the house looked like before they got stuck into it?  Looks pretty awesome now!