The Musings of Sadie Swoon

Since lockdown ended, I’ve been a little sad.  I miss the family being around all the time.  I miss listening to the whirring of Ray’s brain as he took shelter inside my walls.  I liked being a little daily sanctuary from the busyness of the family. 

And… I really miss the cosy times when Charlotte tagged out from Mum duty for a little quietness and work, and we just communed in companionable silence, while she dreamed and created.  I don’t like to put myself forward, but I do feel like the vibes we shared made a difference to her work.  I think they’re still helping her now.  (I hope you noticed the pun, we caravans like to slip one in here and there).

Dem were the days, as we like to say.  The days when our special Oisín and Shíofra were home all the time (apart from when they all went out on bike rides and other family adventures).  Those two… well, they’re never boring, that’s for sure!  Like any brother and sister, they have their moments, but I think their bond is a little closer for the lockdown weeks we all spent t