Bears (and horsies) of Kapiti:  Family Photography Lockdown Project

Hello! I’m a wee (jumbo) horsie,

Firefly is my name.

Because I’m fiery, and love to fly,

And Raven is the same.

(At least in regards to flying;

His fire’s a bit more tame). 


When I say flying, I really mean leaping,

Soaring over every jump,

With a couple of eight year old riders

Astride each fluffy rump.

(Though sometimes Raven grumbles that

Hers is a bit of a lump!).


And because we love to jump and run,

Our family is a perfect fit.

Basketball, walking, swimming, dance,

Biking, rugby, and cricket,

Football, creating jumps to jump…

In general, we Strive2bFit!


Between our 7 humans, but

Especially two small girls

Raven and I spent lockdown days

With many a flying curl,

Galloping round the living room,

With exuberant cantering whirls. 


Black and white photo of a family standing in front of their home in Paraparaumu