Our culture is obsessed with happiness, but I came to see that seeking meaning is the more fulfilling path. – Emily Esfahani Smith


A meaningful life is more important than a happy life.

It’s more fulfilling.

It’s more motivating. 

It’s more real.

I’ve always believed this, even when in the moment of hard times I don’t want to acknowledge it. 

So what does this mean?

This year, I started a campaign called “A Meaningful Life”. 

I didn’t really know for sure where I was going with it.  I still don’t know for sure.  All I knew was, when I discovered documentary family photography, it touched something in me that other forms of photography didn’t.  (As much as I still do love other forms of photography as well). 

I wanted this relatively new form of family photography to be understood more for what it is, what it can be.

New Zealand documentary family photography is important because it tells