THE ONLY PHOTOS YOU’ll REGRET are those that were never taken


Hey Lianna, Well where do I begin.. Wow! We are absolutely blown away with our gallery! You have done an absolutely superb job of capturing some moments within our little family that we will always cherish. And what felt like the coldest day you have recreated with such warmth and love. I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort. I write this as I am currently suffering from what feels like the worst flu ever.. so to receive these beautiful images today of all days has just been a breath of fresh air. We cannot wait to come back to you and recapture some more beautiful memories. Your style of work is unreal.. so raw, natural and elegant. We love them! Thankyou again from us. Much love

Photo of a family of three standing under the trees in Raumati

Should I book a mini session?

If you get the chance to book one, a mini session is a great option if…