One night I stayed up too late working.  Then, at midnight, I got some news (shared by my lovely friend Marie O’Mahony) that kept me awake for some time! 

4.75 years ago I discovered documentary family photography. I love pretty much all photography, but this… I realised this was something special.
I decided I needed to be good enough to offer this to families… and I had my own little family I desperately wanted to capture.
In the middle of the breathtaking and agonising transformation into motherhood, the photos brought life into focus.
They helped me notice the little things. Helped me to be present in the beautiful loneliness. Helped me feel I was doing SOMETHING to safeguard the moments I was missing, to hold them for a later time when I could see and understand them in a different light.
I also needed to learn to use a camera in manual mode. 😂 So I embarked on gaining my 10,000 hours to become an expert. (I didn’t keep a log, but I think I’m probably getting there 🤣).
To capture the things that matter, became a thing that really mattered to me.
So, to find out that (on