The different options are explained in the process chart at the top of the page, and you can watch short videos showing what photos might look like from each session type.  Here is a short overview:  

1) Storytelling photos result in unstaged, real life photos telling the story of what your child is feeling and doing in the moment.  If you choose the $25 option, we’ll visit your child once and capture them for the next 5-10 minutes (whatever they’re doing)  You get a $25 credit to put towards your order. 

2)  Portrait images are directed by the photographer to choose a location based on light and background.  We engage your child to get a variety of angles of them looking at the camera and hopefully smiling at least once. You get a $25 credit to put towards your order.  

3)  For “A Taller Tale”, we’ll do a portrait session, and then visit your child 1-3 more times to capture them living their life at preschool, to get a bigger range of photos.  You get a $25 credit to put towards your order.  

4)  For “A class photo only” we will deliver a print of the class photo to preschool for you to collect on the print delivery date (shared in multiple emails).  If there is time, we might also create 1 portrait of your child as an alternative option for you, but this is not guaranteed.