Father’s Day Special

Only $79

Total value $545

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  I’m so very pleased you’re here.  The last step to making sure that you’re one of the select few to be celebrating Father’s Day 2020 in Black Sand Studio style!

Sign me up already!

What is that, I hear you ask?  Well.  Well!

Black Sand Studio style is about cuddles and giggles and super cosy snuggles.  It is also about running (not restraining) and real (not posed).  It is about genuine emotion (not forced).  It is about your family, not me as the photographer, and it is about capturing, forever your special relationships and unique personalities.  Most of all, it is about telling your story… and telling who you are.

It is something you’ll never regret.

You might regret missing out though, so should I hurry up with the chat so we can get on with it??  (Black Sand Studio style is very rarely concise, especially in writing.  It’s been a problem since year 1).