Photo of a toddler at preschool standing on his head and grinning through his legs at the photographer in Paraparaumu
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Preschool Photography

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Investment:  Something that grows in value over time.  This isn’t a fancy haircut that will last 6 weeks… or a jacket that will last 2 years… or even jewellery that will last 15.  It is capturing the things that matter most, and creating something that will be worth more than anything else money can buy.  

Preschool photographs are memories for your children that they won’t have, because they were too small.  They’re memories for you, of a time that is too crazy to fully appreciate in the moment.  And bonus points, they can double as Christmas presents for Grandma.  (Phew, good to get that one ticked off early).  

The awesome thing about preschool photography is that high volume (aka lotsa kids) means I am able to provide this service at amazing prices.  Read on for what those are! 

What can we create? 

It matters to us that your memories are not only captured, but printed and displayed so you can see those gorgeous little faces every day.  (And so can their doting grandparents, and/or Other Significant Persons).  We also love the flexibility of digital imagery.  So we offer kindergarten photography in print and digital form. 

You are welcome to buy any individual product, or you can combine prints and digitals in one of the awesome value packages we offer. 

If you really love an image or set of images and want it to be displayed with even more dignity, get in touch for more information about some of the beautiful products we create for our family photography clients – just note that, as with any custom service, the price point will be considerably higher.  

Please note prices are subject to change at any time.

Photo of a little girl's knees kneeling on a white bench eating brownie